Green, red. Tomato, tomAto

November 29, 2013 Cook’s Country – October/November issue Colorado Green Chili Uhm, yeah, so, after this pic was taken, I piled like 5,000 times more cheese on top! 😀 Brrrr!!! It’s COLD outside! Like bone chilling cold, like long-John cold, like needing the fireplace rip-roaring, hot cold, like craving chili cold! In this house, we like our chili. We like it thick, we like it … Continue reading Green, red. Tomato, tomAto

Cooking up Brussels

October 13, 2013: Cook’s Country  – October/November issue Brussels Sprouts Salad Please excuse the ugly bowl, my family is much too large to be served by my pretty bowls Last month’s cooking challenge was a risk, a HUGE, Brussels sprouts kind of risk! Not everyone loves Brussels sprouts, in fact, I think most people actually hate them. (Weird, I know!) But I love them, like … Continue reading Cooking up Brussels

Volcano of oil

Sept. 7, 2013 Cook’s Country – August/September 2013 California-Style Fish Tacos You can’t just wrap a fish in a tortilla and call it a California-style taco. You need light, crisp fried fish, the perfect toppings, and high-contrast flavors and textures. ~ Rebeccah Marsters I’m a bit late with this post, and in fact was a bit late with the making of this “August” challenge (I blame … Continue reading Volcano of oil

From the flames of hell

June 29, 2013 Cook’s Country June/July issue Grilled Chicken Leg Quarters/Grilled Jalapeño and Lime Shrimp Skewers/Grilled Red Potato Skewers Cooking for Assholes, you poisonous jerk, calling me a sissy if I put on rubber gloves to chop those jalapeños, you knew, I know you knew, that by saying that, it would be a sufficient enough challenge for me NOT to put those gloves on, and … Continue reading From the flames of hell

Spanish Chorizo and Lentil Soup: cooking 101

May 29, 2013 Cook’s Illustrated – March/April 2013 Spanish Chorizo and Lentil Soup “To achieve authentically deep, complex flavor in this hearty soup, we had to turn down the flame.” ~ David Paz Sometimes you’ve just got to have faith… at least, that’s what I told myself when I gave Big Ring the keys to my 12 Months of Cooking Challenge. For May’s challenge, I … Continue reading Spanish Chorizo and Lentil Soup: cooking 101