Direction by committee

(Note: I am seriously behind on blog posts; this one should have been posted Sunday or Monday. Please send all your complaints to the Douglas College chemistry department.) You say tomato, I say tomAto. This is the map of the route we were supposed to run Sunday. This is the map of the route we actually ran Sunday. Pretty much totally the same. Yes folks, … Continue reading Direction by committee

All struggling. All smiling.

You win some, you lose some. And yesterday’s run, much to my dismay, was very much in the loser file. I could not get my bearings at all. My ankles felt crazy wobbly, and the upper half of me felt as though it was going all over the place too. My breathing was heavily laboured. I was crazy overheating. My stomach innards were flopping. And … Continue reading All struggling. All smiling.

The week of so-called “easy”

Easy schmeasy! According to our running program, this week is classified “easy” week, but I think the designer of the program uses that term a little too freely. On Tuesday, we had to run 40 minutes with 20 minutes at lactate threshold pace (for me: between 5:00 and 5:20 min/km) and the only way I can see that as being “easy” is that, unlike the … Continue reading The week of so-called “easy”

The Pitchfork and the Punching Bag

Running in the darkness of night can seriously mess with your head. You can start to see things, start to think thoughts, start to wonder who might possibly be lurking aroundΒ  corners, behind trees, under benches. I’ve been here before. Mostly when running solo in the early morning hours before dawn. But tonight, for hill repeats, that imaginative mind of mine went full boar ahead, … Continue reading The Pitchfork and the Punching Bag