Running reboot: injury be damned

This blog is lonnnnnng overdue. I started writing it back in January, but was sidelined (and subsequently pummeled) by integral calculus, which took pretty much all my focus. The post was pushed to the side, only to be revisited today – four months after I started my official running reboot, and three days out from getting an arthrogram MRI to see what the heck has plagued … Continue reading Running reboot: injury be damned

Direction by committee

(Note: I am seriously behind on blog posts; this one should have been posted Sunday or Monday. Please send all your complaints to the Douglas College chemistry department.) You say tomato, I say tomAto. This is the map of the route we were supposed to run Sunday. This is the map of the route we actually ran Sunday. Pretty much totally the same. Yes folks, … Continue reading Direction by committee