Where I belong

Forget dressing up as a princess; I’m already one of those. Forget Hermoine Granger’s book bags and wizardry outfits. Forget even painting my face Smurfette blue. This year for Halloween I dressed up as a marathoner, and took full opportunity to go trick-or-treating. And by trick-or-treating, I mean running of course. Wait a sec, you’re thinking, she already told us this, yesterday, the day of. … Continue reading Where I belong

Silver lining

Thirty four days. Thirty four hard, longing, obsessive, mood-swinging, shaky days. That’s how long I lasted. No chocolate for 34 days, but after the week I’ve had, the no-chocolate streak came to an end. And let me just say, that first bite was the most heavenly thing I’ve ever experienced. The chocolate oozed over my tongue, melted on my teeth, it’s nutty, raisin, cocoaness filled … Continue reading Silver lining