Cycling and Diabetes: Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky. It took three rides on the bike before I managed near blood sugar perfection. All the rides began around the same time, a few hours after breakfast, but varied in distance and length. The first ride back, I was chasing lows the entire time, even before we began, my blood sugars were dropping. Ugh. About 30 minutes before the ride, I inhaled … Continue reading Cycling and Diabetes: Third Time Lucky

She-Diabetic: Hear me roar

Oh man, I walked into that doctor’s office, pounded my chest with great amounts of bravado and announced I am She-Diabetic, hear me roar! Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how it went down, but in my head that’s how it played out. As you know, after last week’s appointment with my maternity doctors, I walked out feeling crushed, defeated, like I was the worst … Continue reading She-Diabetic: Hear me roar

What NOT to do

First the pool, now cement. Oh man, my insulin pumping system hates me! A few months ago I discovered my insulin pump wasn’t actually waterproof (as was advertised by Animas) after submerging it into a pool for an hour. On Sunday, I discovered my blood glucose monitor, which connects to the pump, isn’t made of titanium, nor does it have an invisible protective shield around … Continue reading What NOT to do