With fingers crossed

Dear PoP friends, I must confess. I haven’t been entirely honest with you all. I haven’t been lying either, but I’ve also not been offering up full disclosure. And some of you have noticed. I’ve fielded more than a few inquiries lately as to whether I’ve taken a running hiatus, whether I’m now leaning more towards cycling… it seems you guys notice when I write … Continue reading With fingers crossed

Naked runner

Dear readers, I need your help, advice actually. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I need to express a little something here: Yippee! Hooray! Hourra! Wonderbar! Jupiiii! Urra! Hallelujah! Oh how I have missed you dear sneakers. I went for a run after work yesterday, just a short one, a painstakingly slow one in fact, and the whole time I was freaking … Continue reading Naked runner

Germs be damned

Sometimes you just need a good rant. Following Tuesday’s blog blowup, my knee had no pressure tension on Wednesday, and guess where I was today: Back at the pool! Yippee! (Never once thought I’d be jumping for joy to be returning to the germ-infested pool, but these, my friends, are desperate days. Germs be damned.) When I felt no knee pressure yesterday, I was skeptical, … Continue reading Germs be damned