Volcano of oil

Sept. 7, 2013 Cook’s Country – August/September 2013 California-Style Fish Tacos You can’t just wrap a fish in a tortilla and call it a California-style taco. You need light, crisp fried fish, the perfect toppings, and high-contrast flavors and textures. ~ Rebeccah Marsters I’m a bit late with this post, and in fact was a bit late with the making of this “August” challenge (I blame … Continue reading Volcano of oil

From the flames of hell

June 29, 2013 Cook’s Country June/July issue Grilled Chicken Leg Quarters/Grilled Jalapeño and Lime Shrimp Skewers/Grilled Red Potato Skewers Cooking for Assholes, you poisonous jerk, calling me a sissy if I put on rubber gloves to chop those jalapeños, you knew, I know you knew, that by saying that, it would be a sufficient enough challenge for me NOT to put those gloves on, and … Continue reading From the flames of hell

Braciole: fooled by the name

April 20, 2013: Cook’s Country – April/May issue Braciole Braciole. Ohhh, braciole. Braciole. Braciole. Braciole. I just can’t get enough of saying its name, letting it roll off my tongue, pretending I were on the beach in Sicily, scarf around my neck blowing in the wind, over-sized sunglasses taking over my face. Ahh, yes, my first mistake in choosing it for my latest 12 Months … Continue reading Braciole: fooled by the name

Chicken and Rice Soup

April 17, 2013: Cook’s Country – February/March issue Chicken and Rice Soup “Too often, cutting corners in an effort to save time spoils the broth. Our version of chicken and rice soup cuts down on time but not on flavor.” ~ Erika Bruce Well now, that chicken was a helluva lot easier – and tastier! – to prepare than the last chicken I tried. No near … Continue reading Chicken and Rice Soup