Clips: The Bane of my Cycling Existence

Alright my cycling-loving readers, how many of you struggle with clipless pedals? I’ve been riding clipped in for six years now; my first ever ride in clips was on the Belgian cobblestones on a proper Flanderian cold, wet day, which was all sorts of scary, especially when the sirens of an ambulance started blaring right behind me in a funky roundabout moments after I started … Continue reading Clips: The Bane of my Cycling Existence

Cycling and Diabetes: Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky. It took three rides on the bike before I managed near blood sugar perfection. All the rides began around the same time, a few hours after breakfast, but varied in distance and length. The first ride back, I was chasing lows the entire time, even before we began, my blood sugars were dropping. Ugh. About 30 minutes before the ride, I inhaled … Continue reading Cycling and Diabetes: Third Time Lucky

Cycling in America

Not long after crossing the border, with my lactic-acid filled legs pushing Holly Goquickly’s pedals, classic American anthem style music began to fill my ears. Not full songs, just blips; it was as though my mind was switching stations until it found the perfect tune. Born In the USA… nope. Jack and Diane… nope. Don’t Stop Believin’… ohhh yeah. “Just a small town girl, livin’ … Continue reading Cycling in America