The big ‘C’

I’m not Brittany, and I’m not Christina. I’ve run marathons, half marathons, countless other races. I’ve ridden up the demanding hills of Horseshoe Bay on my bike, and twice in one day up Jericho. I can climb the Grouse Grind in a respectable 55 minutes. And I thought, as scary as the prospect is (just like all those other things once were) I could surely … Continue reading The big ‘C’

Tradition with a twist

When I woke up on that rain-soaked morning seven years ago, I didn’t know my life would forever be changed. All I knew was that it was super early, the rain was viciously pounding against my bedroom window pane, and that I was desperately praying for my phone to ring calling off the morning events to be. Thankfully, that call never came. Big Ring’s nonchalant offer … Continue reading Tradition with a twist

Eat dirt!

Maybe screwing up the dates last week, and maybe getting a head start, and maybe battling the Grouse Grind in monsoon-like weather were the reasons for me totally rocking the mountain yesterday in near perfect Grind-climbing weather. OR maybe I’m just that awesome 😉 HIKE THE GROUSE GRIND WITH ICD TAKE 2: 9:30 a.m. BG before: 14.5 Temp. basal: zero Distance: 2.9 km, 2,830 stairs … Continue reading Eat dirt!