Sad day

Pic-a-post #3: If computers and cell phones can change the clocks over automatically, surely the insulin pump industry can to. Behind the times Animas, just saying… While the world over was celebrating get an extra hour weekend this weekend, I was mourning the loss of a dear friend. This friend wasn’t a friend I saw often, in fact she rarely came around, but those times … Continue reading Sad day

Travel woes

I love traveling. I’ve driven across Canada twice, visited several states in the America, have fallen in love with the likes of France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany, and nearly every day I am dreaming of new places to discover. However, traveling doesn’t always love me. Clockwise from top: Florence 2009; Bruge 2010; Paris 2007; Barcelona 2009. As a Type 1 diabetic, I need to … Continue reading Travel woes

Happy – uhm – Anniversary

Just in time for the anniversary, my blood sugars decide to revolt against me – just as they did 24 years ago. Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we. It was on this date, my friends, that I was offered my last guilt-free, auntie home-baked Mennonite cookie (the best EVER home-baked cookies!) of which I regretfully declined. Hours later I was told no home-baked … Continue reading Happy – uhm – Anniversary