Travelling with the diabetes beast

I should have written every blood sugar reading down. I should have noted my basal rates going in, and my basal rates leaving. I should have kept tabs on my insulin dosages every time I ate, and the foods and activity that accompanied every dose. I should have, but I didn’t. About two months ago, I suggested Big Ring and I go on a four-day … Continue reading Travelling with the diabetes beast

This is diabetes

Over the years I’ve heard time and time again low blood sugar episodes being compared to inebriation. I’ve never really related to that comment though. Maybe it’s because I’m not on the outside looking in, but rather the person in the moment. Sure, there are a lot of similarities – irrationality, unpredictability, blurred vision, slurred speech, passing out – but drunkeness, at least in the moment, is … Continue reading This is diabetes

Forbidden fruit

Damn you bananas, you vindictive, nasty, evil, loathsome fruit you! I’ve figured you out, oh yes, I have. It wasn’t the apples causing women everywhere mayhem. It was you that was the slithering snake temptress! It had to have been, there’s no other explanation. None. You come off looking all healthy and then BAM you stick your sugary sweet daggers into my veins and shoot … Continue reading Forbidden fruit