The Sami Salo of runners

Update on this week’s training: I haven’t done anything, nada, nothing, nil, zilch. In my defense, yesterday was technically a rest day, although I usually go to pilates, but because of Victoria Day, the pilates studio was closed, and today when I got to work, my first day back after two-weeks of holidays, I discovered I had a school board meeting tonight (which by the … Continue reading The Sami Salo of runners

Stop and smell the … dandelions?

Forget roses, forget lilies, forget sunflowers and buttercups, I love dandelions. Always have. As a kid I’d run through fields of dandelions, taking in their bright yellow sunshine hue, and that pungent spring scent, and the second I saw the ones in their last days, I was the first to multiply them with a quick blow (and a wish) of their diminished petals. I am … Continue reading Stop and smell the … dandelions?