5: My baby, forever you will be

Dear Little Ring, The other day you came home with an eraser in hand. You were determined to erase the “white lines” on my legs. You scrubbed and you scrubbed. “It’s not working,” you said, your eyes wide with confusion. It took everything I had not to burst out laughing as I explained why stretch marks would not erase away. Dear child, you crack me … Continue reading 5: My baby, forever you will be

48 months: I am the walrus

Dear Little Ring, Yesterday I was having an absolute crumb of a day, so blah, so lethargic, so lacking motivation. I couldn’t figure out why, and then, it struck me. Just hours remained of my baby being a baby. I love seeing your every growing milestone; I love your wild personality that gets wilder with age; I love the crazy, random conversations your growth has … Continue reading 48 months: I am the walrus

36 months: Stink in my butt!

Dear Little Ring, How is my baby already three? How are you already walking, talking, loving, listening, joking, imagining, creating, mischieving, tuning your mama out, running, playing, learning, laughing, being your own you? How is that possible? Just yesterday you were my baby. How do you already have a heart full of compassion? While you don’t readily hand out I love yous (it’s the German … Continue reading 36 months: Stink in my butt!