18 months: too fast

(I’m a few days late with this post.) Dear Little Ring, 18 months, how has that happened. I swear, it’s as though I blinked and you went from a crying, sleeping, pooping lump, to this super chatty, super curious, super adventurous, walking, running, climbing, and trying to cycle little boy. And your knowledge, my goodness, is incredible. This year and a half, I have learned … Continue reading 18 months: too fast

9 months: ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’

Dear Little Ring, Over the last 9 months, we have called you Silly Goose, Gooey Duck, Magoo, Bug-a-Bug, and other loving terms of endearment, but these days, my darling boy, I’m thinking the best nickname for you is Rover. As in, my little pup. Early on I spotted puppy like characteristics in you. Your snoring, snorting and tooting was so akin to a pug it … Continue reading 9 months: ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’