Guess my shoes, win a prize!

502: That’s the number of an area code in the suburbs of Kentucky; the number for the Roman numeral DII; and the number of times I’ve chatted with the lot of you 😀 Today Princess of Pavement turns 502 posts old!!! After nearly three years of happily typing away, sharing my experiences, giving advice, taking advice, and meeting some really awesome people, my blog has … Continue reading Guess my shoes, win a prize!

Comeback postponed

I’ve been good, like really good. Despite desperately wanting to, I haven’t run, not once. I’ve painstakingly crushed those urges and longings that fill me every time I lace up a pair of my sneakers, or read a Facebook post of a favourite running chick coming off a medal-worthy run, or see those head-to-toe Lululemon girls running down the boardwalk. Why? Because Dear Physio told … Continue reading Comeback postponed

2011: a princess perfect year

2011 was a year full of personal bests, discoveries, and lots of laughter; a great one indeed. And it started with a bang. January: Resolution Run While most were sleeping away hangovers on the morning of Jan. 1, I was up early racing against myself in the Running Room’s 5 km Resolution Run; I won. I crossed the finish line with a personal best that … Continue reading 2011: a princess perfect year

Naked runner

Dear readers, I need your help, advice actually. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I need to express a little something here: Yippee! Hooray! Hourra! Wonderbar! Jupiiii! Urra! Hallelujah! Oh how I have missed you dear sneakers. I went for a run after work yesterday, just a short one, a painstakingly slow one in fact, and the whole time I was freaking … Continue reading Naked runner