Cirque du Soleil delivery

If you saw this flashcard, what would you think was being asked of you (Take note: It will be interesting to see the differences between the male and female answers): During a recent prenatal class, flashcards were handed out for us moms-to-be to practice different pain-abating positions to help during the dreaded delivery (which seems to get more and more dreadful with every prenatal class … Continue reading Cirque du Soleil delivery

Breaking the habit

No chocolate? Crunches in the evening? My world is being turned upside down. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but it’s been 13 days since my tongue last tasted the dreaminess of chocolate, sunk down into its delectable milkiness, and slowly rolled it from cheek to cheek just as a sommelier would minus the spitting out. 13 days!!! Wha-at? I am a chocoholic. My … Continue reading Breaking the habit

Ode to revenge

Hehe, I have revenge brewing in my veins 😀 After last night’s pilates session, which I dubbed one hour of ab-sweating hell, I decided it was high time I got even with my pilates chicks. I’ve been on this new program for two weeks now, and while I am getting faster at remembering what the heck I’m supposed to do, it’s not getting easier, and … Continue reading Ode to revenge