37 weeks: ready or not…

Dear Thumb-Sucking Alien Baby, Your baby shower, a garden party appropriately named Knocked Up In Wonderland, has come and gone. You had beautiful invites, beautiful cakes, beautiful guests, and beautiful presents. Your mama got crafty (or went all nesting as some would call it) and made you a baby mobile that some questioned I’d actually finish… I did 😀 I got the idea from My … Continue reading 37 weeks: ready or not…

UPDATE: Don’t you dare quit on me

With regards to yesterday’s post, I first want to thank everyone for the comments, messages and encouragements sent my way. And second, I want to make it clear that in no way was I trying to discredit or come down on anyone who has had a caesarean section for whatever reason. That was not the point I was trying to make at all. The point … Continue reading UPDATE: Don’t you dare quit on me

The big ‘C’

I’m not Brittany, and I’m not Christina. I’ve run marathons, half marathons, countless other races. I’ve ridden up the demanding hills of Horseshoe Bay on my bike, and twice in one day up Jericho. I can climb the Grouse Grind in a respectable 55 minutes. And I thought, as scary as the prospect is (just like all those other things once were) I could surely … Continue reading The big ‘C’

34 weeks: Ye olde crawdad

First they called me fat and now they’re telling me I might have an old crawdad for a placenta. Seriously, what gives? I thought placentas were scary before, but that’s just freak nasty! Okay, maybe she didn’t actually say crawdad, but the vacation relief endocrinologist at the diabetes in pregnancy clinic yesterday did warn me that the recent low blood sugars on my charts could … Continue reading 34 weeks: Ye olde crawdad

32 weeks: Non-stress my butt!

These are my Thursday tidbits: 1. If you haven’t already voted for Big Ring and I in the Bikestyle Tours bike room contest, please do. It’s for a good cause; Big Ring has a never-ending need for new cycling gear and a desire for new cycling shades. And seriously, how can you not vote for this totally awesome getup that Big Ring had designed. (For … Continue reading 32 weeks: Non-stress my butt!

‘HOLY COW… there’s a baby in there’

My goodness my “little” five-pounder is turning heads these days! Even the shadows are talking. I had an ultrasound done yesterday to measure the size of thumb-sucking alien baby and pretty much the whole time the perinatologist kept saying “Yep, that’s a big one.” She did multiple measurements seemingly to will TSAB to a smaller size (they use an equation that measures the circumference of the … Continue reading ‘HOLY COW… there’s a baby in there’

‘She’s got the Jimmy legs!’

Dear Pregnancy Guru, I tried to follow your advice, I tried to embrace the power of positive thinking, I tried to feel your words whilst repeating them over and over again: “I feel great and pregnancy is easy on my body. I feel great and pregnancy is easy on my body. I feel great and pregnancy is easy on my body…” But it didn’t work! … Continue reading ‘She’s got the Jimmy legs!’