37 weeks: ready or not…

Dear Thumb-Sucking Alien Baby, Your baby shower, a garden party appropriately named Knocked Up In Wonderland, has come and gone. You had beautiful invites, beautiful cakes, beautiful guests, and beautiful presents. Your mama got crafty (or went all nesting as some would call it) and made you a baby mobile that some questioned I’d actually finish… I did 😀 I got the idea from My … Continue reading 37 weeks: ready or not…

Hollywood knows best

So, you know this whole breathing during childbirth thing. Well, apparently, it’s a pretty big deal. Apparently, you can’t just walk in and figure you’re good to go even though you’ve been breathing pretty darn awesomely for the last 34 years. Oh no, there’s specific hee-hee, hoo-hoo skills to be learned… apparently. Skills that I don’t have… despite going to 6 weeks of prenatal classes, … Continue reading Hollywood knows best

Shades of a belly button

To all the teenage girls out there who are absolutely positive a belly-button piercing will elevate their level of hotness, this is my PSA to you: if you have no qualms with developing a majorly deformed belly button later on in life go for it, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, I’d advise you to think two times, three times, 5,000 times before taking … Continue reading Shades of a belly button

‘HOLY COW… there’s a baby in there’

My goodness my “little” five-pounder is turning heads these days! Even the shadows are talking. I had an ultrasound done yesterday to measure the size of thumb-sucking alien baby and pretty much the whole time the perinatologist kept saying “Yep, that’s a big one.” She did multiple measurements seemingly to will TSAB to a smaller size (they use an equation that measures the circumference of the … Continue reading ‘HOLY COW… there’s a baby in there’