2013: the year I get my feet back

2012: There were no sun-drenched long runs, no personal bests, no races, in fact, there was hardly any running at all. And yet, it was a year I shall cherish for always. It was the second week of January (the day after Big Ring’s birthday) that we found out (while running!) we had a little thumb-sucking alien baby growing in my belly. I had vowed … Continue reading 2013: the year I get my feet back

The silver diaversary

Twenty five years. Wow. That’s most definitely worthy of a Tiffany’s bracelet, don’t you think … say, one that looks like this 😀 I still remember it as though it were yesterday. It was my sister’s 18th birthday, and I was super excited for the black forest cake (her favourite) we’d surely be having later that day. What kid with a sweet tooth like mine … Continue reading The silver diaversary

Run for Water: one year later

Oh how a year can change. This time last year I was cursing myself for signing up for the marathon, for torturing myself once again in something I didn’t quite enjoy the first time around. And this year, well, I wasn’t a marathoner, wasn’t a half marathoner, wasn’t even a runner. I was a 5k walker. We couldn’t let alien thumb sucker’s debut on the … Continue reading Run for Water: one year later

Road races, mud races, cycle climbs, tris, oh my

Following yesterday’s post, the goals have been streaming in at a steady pace. Some suggestions have included running the Vancouver BMO marathon/half; participating in Whistler’s Tough Mudder (I like mud :D); doing Run for Water again; racing alongside one of my most favourite diabetics (next to me of course); training for a triathlon; riding up Burnaby Mountain; riding up Mt. Seymour… And I’m feeling the … Continue reading Road races, mud races, cycle climbs, tris, oh my

You say you want a revolution…

A resolution you will not get out of me today, nor yesterday – I don’t believe in them. I don’t like disappointment especially by my own hand, and resolutions (from my perspective at least) are a recipe for failure. I don’t care to experience that, never have. However, I do believe in the value of setting goals. And right now, I am without goals. Which … Continue reading You say you want a revolution…