Smurfette Part 2: The Bone Scan

Ohhhh, the déjà vu. 2011: I was training for my second marathon, and struggling with a sore ankle every time I ran. I spent months in physiotherapy with no relief. Dear Physio was getting frustrated; I was beyond frustrated. 2016: I haven’t run in 9 months. I’ve suffered horrid pain that’s become more a dull ache in my left foot for 12 months. I’ve spent … Continue reading Smurfette Part 2: The Bone Scan

Oh my aching, aching *elbows*

Dear, dear, dear elbows, Please, please, please forgive me. I do not know what came over me, how I did not recognize/feel the err of my ways. Sure something felt off, not quite right, my shoulder, which hadn’t bugged me in months, started aching, and my hips felt all akimbo, and my feet like they were slapping the ground. I felt loosey goosey, not lithe … Continue reading Oh my aching, aching *elbows*

The week of so-called “easy”

Easy schmeasy! According to our running program, this week is classified “easy” week, but I think the designer of the program uses that term a little too freely. On Tuesday, we had to run 40 minutes with 20 minutes at lactate threshold pace (for me: between 5:00 and 5:20 min/km) and the only way I can see that as being “easy” is that, unlike the … Continue reading The week of so-called “easy”

The Pitchfork and the Punching Bag

Running in the darkness of night can seriously mess with your head. You can start to see things, start to think thoughts, start to wonder who might possibly be lurking around  corners, behind trees, under benches. I’ve been here before. Mostly when running solo in the early morning hours before dawn. But tonight, for hill repeats, that imaginative mind of mine went full boar ahead, … Continue reading The Pitchfork and the Punching Bag