Running reboot: injury be damned

This blog is lonnnnnng overdue. I started writing it back in January, but was sidelined (and subsequently pummeled) by integral calculus, which took pretty much all my focus. The post was pushed to the side, only to be revisited today – four months after I started my official running reboot, and three days out from getting an arthrogram MRI to see what the heck has plagued … Continue reading Running reboot: injury be damned

Smurfette Part 2: The Bone Scan

Ohhhh, the déjà vu. 2011: I was training for my second marathon, and struggling with a sore ankle every time I ran. I spent months in physiotherapy with no relief. Dear Physio was getting frustrated; I was beyond frustrated. 2016: I haven’t run in 9 months. I’ve suffered horrid pain that’s become more a dull ache in my left foot for 12 months. I’ve spent … Continue reading Smurfette Part 2: The Bone Scan

Princess of…cycling???

Hello World, it’s me, PoP… you know, the one who used to blog all the time, sometimes five times a week, but who has been rather, ahem, silent, incognito, non-existent for like pretty much five months! Yeah, I’m still here. What have I been doing? Well, I’ll tell you what I haven’t been doing. I haven’t been running. Seems odd having a blog all about … Continue reading Princess of…cycling???