Food: What can we do?

I don’t know why I didn’t put up my hand. I don’t know why I didn’t ask the question filling my brain the entire time she was talking. I’ve rarely been one to shy from asking questions. I’ve got journalism in my blood for goodness sake; I should have asked the question. This week I attended the latest installment of the UBC Reads Sustainability series, … Continue reading Food: What can we do?

For the love of bling

It wasn’t Tiffany’s, but it was bling. As I stood in the cool Juneuary air with my moms, my favourite running chick and Miss Speedy next to me, a smile washed across my face while listening to the event organizer talk of the reasons why we had all congregated at Thunderbird Stadium that morning: “We wanted to stay fit, keep active, bond with other women,” … Continue reading For the love of bling

One-fingered salute

It is truly amazing how unfocused or just plain ignorant drivers, cyclists and walkers can be. Mario and I went out for a bike ride around UBC, Stanley Park and Spanish Banks yesterday, which proved to be a rather busy, traffic-congested day. Wasn’t really much of a surprise given  that it was the unofficial second last day of summer. Not only were there eager students … Continue reading One-fingered salute