“Holy freaking hell, I did it!!!!!!!”

Yesterday’s half marathon effort was a personal best in so many ways. Oh my goodness the pride and joy I am still feeling today; seriously, the endorphins are in major overdrive. Despite spending the last 15 weeks training for a half marathon, I wasn’t planning on running a half marathon. I was still pretty jaded from my last half effort, and had promised my body … Continue reading “Holy freaking hell, I did it!!!!!!!”

Claustrophobic, germaphobic, stranger spermaphobic

Why is it when you don’t want something to happen, it always happens? Case in point: My current sun tan. I have never been a girl to lay for hours under the sun, or step foot in a tanning bed, or put orange blotchy creams on my skin to achieve the white girl, over-Brazilianed look. First of all, my self-diagnosed ADD wouldn’t ever allow me … Continue reading Claustrophobic, germaphobic, stranger spermaphobic